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Xanh Chín | June 24, 2022
How To Deposit Money At J9 Club

J9BC is a type of cryptocurrency that many people know as the main currency in J9, especially J9 enthusiasts. Meanwhile, USDT is a widely used cryptocurrency everywhere. It is essential to convert USDT to J9BC to conduct transactions in J9.

However, many people still need help understanding how to swap J9BC from USDT. This article will help you answer that question.

What is the current exchange rate between J9BC and USDT?

The current exchange rate between J9BC and USDT is 0.00274446, which means that for 1 J9BC, you will receive 0.00274446 USDT. Conversely, for 1 USDT, you will own 349.93875734 J9BC, including the transaction fee charged by J9 casino.

When you want to exchange 1 J9BC for USDT, you will have to pay an additional 0.02 J9BC. Similarly, when you want to swap 1 USDT for J9BC, you will have to pay an additional 0.02 USDT for the handling fee.

Moreover, when you want to swap J9BC from USDT, you also have to pay an additional 0.0012% of the amount of price volatile for 1 USDT.

Therefore, now you understand the exchange rate between the two cryptocurrencies, USDT and J9BC. To understand this better, you can refer to the example below.

If you want to have 300 J9BC from the popular cryptocurrency USDT, the amount of USDT you need to spend is 3000 x 0.00274449 = 8.23349902. This amount of money includes 0.0101% price volatile and 60 J9BC handling fee.

Next, we will guide you in detail on how to do it on the official website of J9 casino.

dang ki j9

How to swap J9BC from USDT step-by-step

Here are the detailed steps to help you understand how to convert J9BC to USDT. Please refer to them to be able to perform them quickly and accurately.

Step 1: Log in to the J9 casino homepage

First, please log in to the official website of J9 casino here. Then, click on the “Login” button in the top right corner of the screen. In case you have not registered your personal account at J9 casino, click on the “Sign up” button to register your account according to the instructions.

How To Swap J9bc From Usdt

Firstly, you must have an account at J9 casino

To better understand how to register an account at J9 casino, you can refer to the article:

After logging in to your account, click on the J9 casino home and click on the “SWAP” section. Here, you can swap J9BC from USDT.

How To Swap J9bc From Usdt

Step 2: How to swap J9BC from USDT at J9 casino

After clicking on the SWAP section of the J9 homepage, the following image will appear on the screen.

How To Swap J9bc From Usdt

Here, you can easily swap J9BC from USDT and vice versa. The website will automatically calculate the value of the money after the exchange for you. That amount is already included price volatile and handling fee . You just need to enter the amount of J9BC or USDT in the appropriate field.

After completing all of the above steps, the final thing you need to do is click the “Exchange” button. That’s it, you can now swap J9BC from USDT or vice versa. Isn’t it easy to do that?

How To Swap J9bc From Usdt

The article is our advice on how to swap J9BC from USDT. Hopefully, they can help you understand the value of the money exchanged between these two cryptocurrencies as well as how to do it easily on the J9 casino website.


Written by Xanh Chín

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